TL;DR: Help Reach My Goal - or exceed it and get a day of MassTransit training for your organization (see below)!


As most people reading this blog know, MassTransit is a free, open-source service bus, and used by hundreds (at least) of organizations across the world to build event-based applications on .NET. And most probably realize that MassTransit is built entirely for free, without any corporate support at all. It is a labor of love, and while often challenging, makes for a great hobby if you consider a framework at the core of multi-million dollar projects something that could be considered a “hobby.”

And some of you may have seen talks that I have given at various technology conferences. If you have, I hope that it was informational and provided value on how to build loosely coupled systems. I truly enjoy working on MassTransit, and helping others learn about the patterns and methods for building systems using it are incredibly valuable to me.

Diabetes, and the Tour de Cure

On May 1st, I rode in the Napa Valley Tour de Cure – a 50+ mile ride through wine country, to raise money for the American Diabetes Association. My own contribution, $125, was matched by McKesson (my employer) for a total of $250. It was a beautiful day, and a great ride, but I really wanted to give more to support the organization.

So I’m riding again, this time in Oklahoma (my home state), on June 4th. I’ll be covering a 70 mile route and this time, I want to raise more to help the ADA. I’m already covering the cost of travel, and my initial donation of $200 to meet the ride minimum.

This is where I’m asking for help.

How you can help!

If you’ve enjoyed one of my previous speaking engagements, are using MassTransit commercially, or are just a fan and would love to help out, you can make a donation on My Tour Page.

Your donations have a huge impact, and help shape the future of diabetes. Having Type 2 diabetics in my family, I see the effects directly, so your support is greatly appreciated.

One Day On-Site MassTransit Training

Okay, this is something I’m offering, to a commercial organization that wants to bring me, personally, on site for a day of hands-on training with their team. I don’t offer commercial support for MassTransit, but I have spent a day or two with organization to help them learn and understand how to use MassTransit in their company. With this opportunity, we can spend a day together and explore the options for your development team to gets deep into message-based applications!

By making a $2,500 donation on my behalf, I will spend one day with your team building a hands-on understanding of how to maximize your use of MassTransit! There are only TWO of these available, and the first two companies that donate will be accepted.

Note that any travel expenses from San Francisco will need to be covered by the company as well, fair and reasonable, shouldn’t be more than flight and a night or two of lodging – I’m fairly frugal in this respect. And at this time, I need to limit this to the continental US.

I highly recommend contacting me first, to save your place in line, and then submit your contribution. That way I can confirm that one of the two spots are available. Once confirmed, you can use My Tour Page to complete your contribution. The actual on-site date would need to occur after July 1st.

If you just want to say thank you, for the framework in general, a question that may have been answered (sadly Stack Overflow points don’t generate actual revenue), or for help you may have received via email, any contribution amount would be appreciated at My Tour Page.

Keep on Busing

Thank you to all that are using and enjoying MassTransit. It’s great to have a project that is so broadly used, and your feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraging!