Odoyule Rules

Rules Engine for .NET, with a RETE implementation and DSL for rule definition

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Welcome to Odoyule Rules

Odoyule Rules is a rules engine for .NET, including an implementation of the RETE algorithm.

Fast, RETE Algorithm

To ensure high performance, a version of the RETE algorithm is used. The RETE algorithm uses two networks, alpha and beta, to perform fast matching of conditions to facts. The alpha network matches as facts are added to a session, the beta network resolves once the initial matching is complete. Multiple facts can be added to a session, allowing complex matching and joins between facts.

Authors and Contributors

The project is very early in the development, but moving towards feature completeness. The author, @phatboyg, is the only contributor at this point. You are, however, encouraged to fork and experiment with the code, and pull requests are always welcome.