Southwest flights are so easy - no hustle and bustle of the commercial airports like DFW. There is something about the quiet, relaxing atmosphere of Dallas Love Field that makes you comfortable.

I’ve landed in Austin, TX and scored a rental car for the weekend.

My first stop is going to be the Barton Creek Mall. They have a California Pizza Kitchen and I’m going to have lunch there. We don’t have one in Tulsa, so I try to stop and get some good stuff every time there is a CPK nearby. UPDATE: Lunch was great!

UPDATE: I got in touch with Dru Sellers, going downtown to meet up with him to burn some time before this afternoon.

After that, I’ll probably just hang around for a bit and see what there is to see. The conference doesn’t start until 5:00 PM, so showing up before even 4:00 PM seems a bit over-eager. I’ll probably roll by the Apple store mostly because there is something fun about an Apple store in Dell headquarters!

The goal of the opening session tonight is to define the content of the event. In Open Spaces, the format of the event is defined by the attendees. We’ll start throwing discussion topics onto the wall and watch as themes start to evolve from those ideas. Once a set of themes emerges, the agenda will be established.

After the opening session tonight, I’m guessing there are going to be some hungry travelers ready to hit the town and find something for dinner. After that, I’m sure some lively libations will find there way onto the scene. Stay tuned!