My wife and I went to Idols Live last night in Omaha, NE. The show was awesome, really a lot of like watching the show but live and in person (I’ll get to that in a minute). The show opened up loud and active, with plenty of lighting and sound to fill the senses. The screams from all the girls when Sanjaya took the stage were deafening, beyond what I could have expected.

All the top ten were there, including Jordan Sparks, Blake Lewis, Lakisha Jones, Chris Sligh, Chris Richardson, Haley Scarnato, Melinda Doolittle, Gina Glockson, Phil Stacey, and of course Sanjaya Malakar! They performed most of the songs they did on the show and some extra stuff not seen before. The live action was great, and Blake threw down a solo performance with all his gear that likely showed the doubters that he truly is an entertainer.

During the show, we spotted Shyamali Malakar (Sanjaya’s sister) by the stage. Melissa talked to her a bit and managed to get us some after show party passes (us, and almost all of Phil’s family that is – 30 people at least)!

Here are some pictures from the after party, it was great to meet all the idols that we spent every Tuesday and Wednesday night with for so long this spring.

Jordan (Your American Idol)

Me and Blake


Melissa and Sanjaya

Melissa and Lakisha

We have more pictures, but those were the ones from the after party. It was very cool, a lot of interesting folks in the after show (and Phil’s entire family it would seem, including his lovely wife and child that we all heard about during the show).

Oh, and this picture was of a couple of fans, a girl with a Ponyhawk and a girl looking like “The Crying Girl” which if you watched season 6 you know exactly who she is.

Good times!