Well, I did it. I bought a Mac. Yes, I’m on the road to becoming a Mac user.

Friday night I picked up a new MacBook Pro from the local Apple Store.

Once I opened the box and powered it up, I had to start figuring out OS X. Sure, I’ve used it at the Apple store on the display models and I found a lot of the surface stuff easy to figure out. It’s the not so obvious things that really throw you for a loop.

The applications are easy to use. Safari is the main one, but I also downloaded and installed a bunch of recommended tools. I also installed BootCamp 1.4 Beta and a clean minimal install of Windows XP for gaming. I fired up BioShock and gave it a run through and I’m able to run at 1440x900 with all the options turned on (except for Use Global Lighting and DirectX 10). I need to download the new BioShock tweaks that allow you to get a true 16:10 display ratio and some minor graphics tweaks for maximum performance. I also still need to find my original registered install for FRAPS.

I’m learning as I go along, right now I’m trying out ecto (but I’m seriously not impressed with it so far). Maybe later today I can learn how to uninstall applications. :)