Well, it’s been almost 24 hours since I got my iPhone, and I’ve gotten a lot of time to use it. I’ve managed to get all my e-mail accounts setup on it (except for work, Exchange Server, not a big deal for me at this point) and am starting to get my links setup on it. I did manage to connect to Outlook Web Access with no issues, so that’s an alternative in a pinch. I had a little trouble with the Google-hosted Domain Services, but managed to resolve them by adding a port 587 to the SMTP outbound server, along with SSL authentication. Once I had that done, it worked perfectly. There is no push e-mail, so it checks every 15 minutes.

Another cool thing, it automatically switched to Edge when it goes into standby mode, disabling the WiFi connection. This is likely to save battery life when inactive. Once you start to wake up the phone, the WiFi comes back on quickly.

Browsing on WiFi is awesome, on Edge it is OK as long as you aren’t going crazy with images. Things are slower on Edge for sure, but it is tolerable compared to the Blackberry I switched from – the BB had a real slow fake browser compared to the full Safari implementation on the iPhone.

Overall, it’s been a great 24 hours and the iPhone is a seriously sweet piece of technology. I picked up a hard case for the phone, which included a holster for belt use. It’s a solid clear acrylic and pretty sweet. Contour Design iSee is the model. I recommend it so far, but you can’t dock it while it is in the case, you have to use the cable.

More to come!