This week has been seriously fueled by technology. Things that have seriously elevated my excitement level this week include:

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
This thing is set to be seriously cool with the introduction of Silverlight. The ability to build applications that run in the sandbox and have the rich WPF UI is enticing, particularly for applications that are very UI intensive. With a solid web service back end and rich communication support in Silverlight, this could seriously rock. Using Expression Blend is a treat as well.

New MacBook Pro
The new release of the MacBook Pro, with Santa Rosa and LED backlighting is a sweet deal. While only the 15.4” got the best upgrade (LED), the rest of the line got a minor refresh. Of course, no case redesign yet, but maybe that will come with Leopard, along with a 17-inch LED upgrade. The high resolution (1920x1200) 17” display is a nice add-on for the biggest model.

Parallels 3.0 DirectX Support
While not anyone’s favorite desktop VM company, they have a solid support base in the Mac and continue to add new features. Their support for DirectX is a nice plus, but they say it doesn’t run Aero yet so Vista users have something to wait for for now. Depending up on the UI updates in Leopard, this could see another refresh soon.

**VMWare Fusion Unity
**Not to be left behind (well, at least in the desktop coherence area), VMware showed a video of Unity. This is some seriously cool tech, including Expose and Dock support. Very cool, VirtualSMP support for those dual-core systems, and basic DirectX 8.1 support (likely 9.0c or 10 by October’s Leopard release). I’m most excited about this due to the history of VMware and how well they work for us at work.

**BlackBerry Curve
**While not as big as I would have liked, the Curve is a nice upgrade. The camera and video support is slick, but the lack of WiFi (on Cingular) and GPS makes it sort of meh. However, being so close to the iPhone release, this consumer unit is going to get a lackluster reception at best.

Okay, this thing is coming and the coolness factor is off the charts. Every day the hype gets higher and higher. And with the widespread availability of WiFi connections, everyone is going to want it. Cingular/AT&T is going to make a killing with this phone, and customers are going to buy them like crazy. I only hope I can resist the urge.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is always a fun place to get excited. With the expected release of a feature-complete build of Leopard, this should be a big week (or a dud, if your feature didn’t make the list). Expect to see a new UI for the Mac, some great file system improvements (ZFS), and likely a ton of slick overhauls that haven’t gotten any ink yet.

Put all these together and you have one hell of a month of June.