Well, I don’t have any pictures yet, but I spent the day at the fairgrounds in Tulsa participating in the first of a two-day autocross event. Today started off cloudy and wet, not a good sign for an asphalt course. Those of us in the AWD cars (Subarus mostly) were stoked as this is our domain. Of course, the sun eventually came out and dried up the landy-landy and all was level once again. There was a ton of dirt and dust on the course though, so the first heat was basically sweeping the track clean for round two.

The fast time of the day (raw) had to be Sean Grubb. I think he clicked off a 56.7xx in his little Miata go fast car. That CS monster seems to just jam without missing a beat. It helps that the guy can drive like nobody’s business. Even the EM cars couldn’t touch that time. I may have missed a quicker time, but I’m pretty sure he was the hot shoe again today. The results will likely come out next week, so we’ll see how that turns out.

Ryan also drives an STI, and he managed to swing a 58.xxx if I recall. He was flying, much faster than me. My best time was in the 62.xxx neighborhood, not exactly sure of the tenths. I tried to get faster, but I’m just not as good as some of these guys out there driving like they were part of the car itself. I had fun, I got to flog the car a bit, and I don’t think I hit a cone all day so that’s always a bonus. Maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enough.

In the end, good times and I hope to make another event this year. Tomorrow is another day of the same event, I believe they are going to run the course backwards – that should be interesting! If you want to have some good times in your car in a safe, learning environment, check out the details on Green Country Motorsports and come out and have a good time.