Towards the end of last summer (around July/August of 2006), I picked up a BlackBerry 7130c. With service through Cingular, I got it hooked up via BES to work. I must say, BlackBerry is awesome. I use it far more than any other method of checking e-mail. It hooks up to everything (Gmail, regular POP3, work via BES) and has instant delivery.

Many of the folks at work have them too, almost all of the managers. Using the built-in IM is a quick way to keep in touch during meetings or on the go.

I liked it so much, I bought one for my wife for Christmas. BlackBerry Messenger is great with free instant messaging between BlackBerries with immediate delivery.

So while I look at cool new things like the iPhone, I can’t help but think I’ll be keeping the berry and hoping for a touch-screen iPod without all the phone goodness (just the WiFi if you please).

And yes, it’s called CrackBerry for a reason! If you manage to snag one, I recommend BlackBerryForums as a good place to learn about your device.