I got tagged by Max Pool of {codesqueeze} regarding my choice of tunes while coding.

For me, it’s all about down tempo beats and no lyrics. And it started on DI.fm in the Chillout Channel.

I was listening to a mix that just really got the juices flowing called Ott Times. It was mixed by Morlack. The song lead me on a quest to find the artists in the mix, which included:

  • Shpongle

  • Ott

  • Younger Brother

  • Entheogenic

  • Shulman

  • Hallucinogen

Since then, I’ve managed to acquire almost every physical CD of each of these artists. I’ve put together a few of my favorite playlists that I enjoy while coding, chilling, or doing whatever. So that’s my flavor, one that’s worked for a while. I’ve since added some new artists to the roster, including Phutureprimitive and a few others. It’s amazing what you can find just lying in bed searching through the iTunes music store on your iPhone.