Last night, after allowing all the patch rumblings to settle down, I decided to head out with some regular friends and hit Runnyeye.

Upon arrival in EL (after blowing 60s on a ticket), I noticed some major changes in the creature population. A new range of wasps, new beetles and a variety of new fairies (a few of which are high level aggro types to make it more difficult to harvest in the area). Most of the level ranges were normal, but standing on the beach near the docks isn’t as safe as it was before the patch.

No real changes noticed on the trip to RE, aside from a larger population of bears in the area, many of which are aggro. Once inside RE, it was the same from my eyes. This trip was more difficult than the first, but we went far deeper than before. Paste the Mud area with all the clay guardians was seriously tough, resulting in a wipe from backspawn on top of us. We still got a good deal of experience and had a blast. In fact, the debt was gone by fighting down to our wipe spot to clean up the shards.

Upcoming: Looking to Nektulos Castle to progress the Fishbone Earring heritage quest!