Idapinhed, Sieve, Rhatbastid, Konly, Grumpie(?) and I went into Nektropos(sp?) Castle last night and finished that step of our fishbone earring quest. Some MAJOR chest loot dropped, including at least a half a dozen adepts and we even had a MASTER chest drop (but no Master spells in it, just some phat lewt). I managed to pick up a new feysteel weapon that I can use @ 34, looking forward to that.

Most importantly, we advanced the Hadden’s Earring quest. Next stop for that is the Ruins of Varsoon – I can’t wait.

Also dinged 39 provisioner, so I can now make the entire spectrum of T4 recipes, including Wild Apple Wine and the infamous Meditation on the Beach, a nice 5 hour drink for those with no fear of death.

Not playing tonight, but hopefully this weekend we can finish a heritage or two!

Also, our guild dinged 15 yesterday so Level 3 tradeskill appliances are now available for purchase!