Friday night, after feeling jilted by the love we got the night before in Nek Castle, we decided to hit it again, this time without a high level in the group. We finished it, but we took almost 5 hours to do it! Maybe not that much, but it took until 3:30 AM for me (4:30 AM for the east coast folks). We didn’t really have any major screw ups and I think I’m the only one that died (twice at that stupid demon).

Best part was when Rhat got his Master I spell!

Saturday night was obviously void due to the late night before, but I managed to complete the harvesting section of my Dwarven Workboots quest, along with a number of the other steps. I’m currently trying to find the named griffon to complete that part. Hopefully I can get the crew to help out. Also continued killing in Zek to get the orc language quest completed and some miscellancous quests in Zek as well.

Sunday was a no-play day for me, took care of things around the house and so forth.

Oh, and 39 provisioner, almost 40. :)