With the help and encouragement of IDAPINHED, I finished the Dwarven Workboots quest! Three heritage items now completed!

Sony managed to fix a few of the problems from the patch and my character is again playable. So I’m back into a groove on EQ2. I’m hoping we can get some XP to 36 soon and start working on my PGT heritage quest. I got the starter for the Manastone heritage (thanks again, PIN) and plan to use that item through 50 with the PGT. From what I hear, the end game is 15-20 minute fights against raid mobs where you need to keep power the whole fight. Since the PGT proc’s 500 ward and the Manastone eats 600 dmg for 400-ish power, that’s a nice tradeoff and could help sustain life during the fight.

WoW is rocking, what a fun game. I think I figured out the word here: Style. WoW has style. And lots of it, in that fantasy sense that makes the game a blast to play. It doesn’t feel like work (compared to EQ2 which is a mission from start to the never-to-be-found finish).

NOTE: The crew from work has decided on Daralan as the server, Alliance faction. So we’re making a set group of closely-leveled characters for play there. I went Human Mage (again) but with a slightly different look, name is Aivanna and you can only guess on my soon-to-be-last name. :)

Both games are fun, I’m glad to see some of the folks at work getting into the scene again after their longstanding love and near-overnight abandonment of DAoC. Not to mention the short tryst with SWG.