Got on last night and Rhatbastid was actually there! We chatted for a bit, and he offered to help me complete the Zek part of my Journeyman Boots quest. So I got over there and with his expert help I managed to finish it the first time. Hopefully I can do the EL part myself and then get some additional help with the Ferrott part. I’d like to knock that one out as the quest reward and title of treasure hunter would be nice compared to the n00bish “Hunter of Orcs.”

Advanced the PGT last night, and realized that I only had 60 minutes to kill 25 gnolls. Ran over to the gnolls and realized they are all double up 27-28, which take me about 2-3 minutes each to kill. So I kill three or four and I’ve only got 52m left, so I shout out for help in guild chat. Mouserr came to the rescue and we ganked the remaining 20 in less than 20 minutes. Not bad considering there were two other people there on the same quest that didn’t want to group up with us. Now I just have to get into Cove of Decay (the non-treaty for treasure version, which I went into and found no octogorgon).

Bummed that I had no way in, I decided to take my first dive into Ruins of Varsoon. I went in and realized that most of the zone was gray, the remainder low green. So I jumped around and found a group taking out clay guardians. I asked if they were up for heading to Hrath’s room and they sounded game, so I grouped up with them and we took the walk. Found the room with ease (thank you EQ2MAP project!) and got Hrath to spawn and killed him. One more step down on the path to my fishbone earring!

Hopefully this weekend I can finish the PGT, Fishbone Earring and Shiny Brass Halberd. Would be gravy to finish the Mask of the Deceiver as well (for fun factor, I get a dark elf illusion at 40 by default).

Also, noted in the test server patch notes that the severed fir is no longer needed for the PGT, it’s going to be replaced with a sparkling flower and elm stave.