Last night, Rhat, Mouserr and I descended upon TS to finish gaining access to the Cove of Decay. There were some tough fights, but we managed to work it out. Mouserr still needs to kill the skeleton guy by the RoV, which is a tough fight but we can handle again at some point. Then the servers had to be reset so the group basically split up.

After they came back up, I signed in (had camped at CoD entrance) and saw a group forming up for a raid on the zone. By looking at the levels and such, I realized this had to be a heritage raid and asked to join up. I was welcomed into the group (thanks Heavenlight) and we went inside. First, the Octogorgon is HUGE, what an amazing looking octopus (RUN!). We made him dead fairly quick and ding, “Polished Granite Tomahawk” was my quest reward. How sweet it is indeed.

We also killed a captain and managed to advance the manastone quest I had luckily started before the raid. Good thing I had my orders in my inventory and examined them before the raid. That captain has insane hit points and took at least ten minutes to kill. Not that the fight was ever in question, but the amount of damage it took to get him to zero was massive.

So another heritage down (this one I can actually use!) and more to go!