Wow, the level of recipes made available in 45 made it easy to level to 46 in no time (even with zero vitality). That, combined with the fact that a level 50 adventurer dropped 21 STACKS of T5 resources into my lap in exchange for some nourishment made the course a lot easier.

I still have quite a few resources to make provisions for the T4 crowd (31-40). I’m currently short stacked as I’m converting all 1-hour drinks into 3-hour drinks (thanks to the change where death has no penalty and you don’t need to be signed-in to sell from your house vault). So I’ll be adjusting my deal to allow for the new changes.

Basically, if you bring me certain items I’ll make certain drinks in response. I’ll write up a new article that details these changes and link it here. My market rates (as of now) are as follows:

T5 drink is more expensive for a number of reasons. Store bought, 1-hour of T5 drink will cost 25 silver. That means to get 3 hours of T5 drink, you’ll pay 75s to a merchant for a return that is less than that of a T3 crafted drink. So asking 1 gold for a 3-hour drink (single drink versus six merchant drinks) is well within sanity, in fact, could be considered quite a bargain. But like I said, I’ll write up more on this later, but for T4, bulk rates of 20s per hour (1 gold for a gnoll bite, 5-hour drink) with three-hour rates of 56 silver.

I will continue to accept exchanges for T5 items for anyone and T4 items within the guild or upon special request based on my level of availability. However, in the case of T4 items, I will provide drinks in the terms of hours and not actual quantity. For instance, if you provide me 20 rolled oats and 20 wild apples, I will make you 10 wild apple milks (total 30 hours of drink, compared the previous rate which only returned 20 hours of drink). Same thing for food, but fish/meat is required in exchange and food is likely in 2 or 3 hour durations.

Enough rambling, enjoy the ride!