Idapinhed, Zinger and I decided to finish the J-boots runs last night. Zinger still needed Nek, so I ran him through that one, then we did Zek for Pins and Zinger. After that, we tried EL but ran out of time and had to start again. On the second try, we got it right and finished that leg of the trip (Amulet of the Far Runner!). I was about beat at this point, but we decided to give Ferrott a shot. I had almost none of the zone unmasked, but I managed to snag it on the first run through (while losing Pins and Zinger missed an update). So we ran it again, except this time I managed to get about 16 yellows on me and one of them got root to stick (dead: and fast). Pins managed to finish but Zinger got whacked as well. After spending a few minutes trying to find my way out of the temple area, evac finally popped up and I went back to the starting point. I guess we’ll try again for Zinger.

About 25% experience at 38, not a bad score!

Now I need to finish the SBD (Serrated Bone Dirk, not Silent But Deadly) and those stupid trials for the SBS.