I now understand why there are farmers in this zone on a regular basis. We got a small group together (Warden, Necro, Assassin and me) and did some hunting in this zone the other night. I tanked and maintained aggro while everyone else killed as fast as we could. We worked our way around the zone and got into a headhunter camp where there was a rotating spawn of two headhunters up at all times. We worked the surrounding mobs (which dropped like flies, but not the flies in the zone, just flies, well, you know what I mean) and then concentrated on the headhunter groups. These were 37-38 DUP mobs with three caster guards. The guards went down quickly but the HH himself took some time. We had a few close calls, but got some incredible drops. Excellent T5 spells and we even got a shaped ebon disc! Then we took on an epic version, 37x2 – and won! Talk about sweet. Of course, the drop this time was junk (fulginate girdle). Then a 38x2 spawned and we tried it – and lost miserably. Oh well, time to call it a night and the 38x2 was still up the next day so nobody else had tried to take it down it would seem. Overall, I can’t wait to go back. Oh yeah, we got some regular ebon armor too, pretty decent drops.

Also spent some time in RV doing nightbloods for the Hook…. quest. Drops weren’t as good, but we got a lot of necromancer spells (T5) for Kikkomon and some other nice items. Just a quick note, the Overfiend will own you, so watch out for him!