I got invited to a pick up group to finish the Guise quest last night. Everyone in the group was working the quest, so it was nice to have a patient group of folks to wait for all the spawns and deal with all the backtracking. Average level in the group was 40, so we mentored down to 39 to get drops from the sisters. We got some nice T4 spell drops and item drops, including 2-3 rare tradeskill items. No Master drops this time, oh well.

The play went smoothly and the changes SOE made to allow linkdead players to come back into the group instance was working wonderful as we had a few LDs and a couple of people quit out to reset video memory. The billy in the game room and the swine lord were the only spawns we had to wait on, doing the sisters was cake as was most of the zone. We were very cautious about the doll count, leaving every doll up in case we needed them. This involved having one player run around the zone with the dolls from one of the sisters room in chase while we finished off the sister’s handmaiden to get the update.

In the end, I got my 9th heritage item which is now sitting in my room (and looks like a podium? I thought it was supposed to be a mask) since I have an innate ability to change into a dark elf.

FYI, when in DE form, if you use Call of the Overlord, you end up in Longshadow Alley instead of your regular starting district. Kinda slick – I wonder what happens if I’m in Halfling form…