A lot of action this weekend, most of it in the quest/xp area. I got 42 and am 65% of the way through it on my way to 43. I’m looking forward to 44 when I get my in-combat rez spell which is highly desirable.

Mostly fought in Ferrott this weekend, with a complete run through Lavastorm to unlock the portal from the zone-in to Solusek Eye. Pretty slick that my sneak is invisible to everything in LS except for a couple of named mobs. I’m not quite ready to fight there yet, groups of blues are still better XP and easier to solo. I did get a group into CT tonight, and that was a blast. Most of the creatures we fought were 49 DUPs which is crazy but a lot of fun. We got pretty far into the temple. A couple of guilds were raiding for the Frogloks so the zone was pretty full.

I also started a new character, a priest in Queynos. She’s already up to level 10 and a cleric, on the way to becoming a Templar. I play her on-and-off when I feel like a break from the dirge.

I also got a Ruby drop from a HH camp in Ferrott, so I had an Adept 3 version of Bereavement made. It’s my quickest attack and used often so a little extra DPS in that area will be nice, plus it’s a lifetap with a self-heal so that’s a plus for soloing.