I noticed in the patch notes that Frizznik through out a bunch of changes that were discussed in the summit at Fan-Faire. So I gave them a shot last night and here is what I found:

Pristine seems pretty easy to make now, in fact, the speed at which you get there is also fairly quick. Overall crafting time seems reduced a small amount, particularly for interim combines. However, I do all my interims to L2 with my writ stove, so that could be slighting it a bit. If I was smart, I would buy an L1 stove and cut my interim time in half. Final combines aren’t too bad, I got about 70% pristine on a 44 drink (I made three stacks of White Peach Milk) and the time seemed to be quicker than before. I need to pull the logs and compare before to after to see if there is really a difference.

Crafting time seems to be around 60s for final items and 20s for Level 2 interim items. The nice thing is juice/etc. are considered interim now so they don’t nearly take as long so making the pristine juice for white peach juice is much faster now.

Overall, a nice upgrade. I haven’t crafted since the latest fix to ensure a -10/+50 tick when properly countering an event so hopefully that will help things even more.