I reached level 46 last night, soloing in the Splitpaw instance. Always good experience in there, but I’m running out of vitality so I need to find some quest-based XP items to do to get to 47 by Friday. I have the following heritage quests to complete:

Stein of Moggok Heirophant’s Crook Flowing Black Silk Sash

These are fairly easy if I can get some help, could probably knock out all three of them in a couple of hours with the right set of folks.

I also have some higher level heritage quests, but those are likely too difficult to get done in short order.

Golden Effreeti Boots Crown of King Trannix

I’m also going to look over some other quests in the zones such as EverFrost and Lavastorm to try and get an idea of which ones garner the best XP results. The XP in the Marr’s Chosen zone was awesome, like 35% in the time we were there. I could also try and find some bones to complete a dozen collection quests to get that last bit of experience that doesn’t use vitality. That’s always a reasonable way to get XP without much effort.