Update: I’ve added a new light version of the download that doesn’t include the maps for EQ2Map, since once you install the updater it will pull down all the latest maps and points of interest. You can download it here.

If you haven’t discovered EQ2 Interface yet, you really need to check it out. It’s packed with things that really satisfy the power player (I don’t mean the hard core, I mean the player who likes to tweak). The biggest news is the EQ2MAP project which is coming along with amazing progress!

For those new to the game, I threw together a ZIP of my favorite UI tweaks wrapped into a single package. Just download this file, unpack it to your C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest II folder (with paths) and start up the game. There are a ton of nice modifications in here to keep screen real estate clean and some hidden things as well (try hitting Enter where you’d expect it to work).

_Note, if you find you don’t like it, just delete the EQ2.ini file in the main folder and all the changes will disappear. _

If you do like it, be sure to visit EQ2 Interface and download the EQ2MAP updater so you can patch your map directory daily to be sure you have all the latest updates.