Last night, the guild had the night off from raids so a few of us took the time to finish up some heritage items. Early in the evening a group set out to Rivervale to finish the By Hook Or… quest. I was amazed at how well my party knew the Drafling Tower which is an extremely complex maze of twisting tunnels. We ran straight to the spot each time (you have to make two runs) and at speed 74 it was a rollercoaster ride!

After that, we helped Demitry finish the FBSS quest (which I still need to get done). While in the neighborhood, we ganked Clerg to get the last piece of the stein so I could finish The Stein can be rebuilt quest. Another 100,000 status for me last night!

Then we went through LS and worked on advancing the Saving Soles heritage. We got a ton of updates and go the quest to the point of killing fire giants in Sol Eye to get an update. We had some rough patches (and a couple of stupid deaths), but we found Sol Eye empty and all the named mobs were up (which we ganked, all wood). Was a crazy blast of a night for sure, way too late but worth the effort. We also got Demitry unlocked for the portal, a must for any 45+ player.

Hopefully before the weekend is over I can finish up my own FBSS and maybe we’ll get to the point where we can take down the main mob for the Saving Soles quest. No great loot last night, but we managed to advance some quests to gain status for the guild.