I hit 47 last night after fighting in various zones and gaining some stupid debt. How people can see a 57^^^x4 and just walk up to it I have no idea but they found out quick that death comes easy in that situation. That’s how it was last night, got into a random PF group and Vision of Vox was up. Knowing that the guild has tried and failed on it a few times earlier that night, I knew to stay away. Oh well, bet they don’t walk up to it again.

Splitpaw is fun, a lot of neat game features in that pack. For some reason, the arena is extremely popular. If this is a sign of things to come, Desert of Flames is going to be a huge success. The reward in the arena is nice, many nice drops are found there. In fact, most of the loot in the zone is excellent. I’m camped in there as it’s a royal PITA to get in as you have to blow up walls, etc. Once you do enough quests, you can get a shard to port directly into the Den, saving a ton of time and hassle.

The bummer is my new spell, Gutteral Shriek, is less powerful than my 40 training option, Kelkarn’s Debilitating Strike. Oh well, not too big a deal as I find that KDS does excellent damage on its own. On the contrary, my new Pristine Imbued Ebon Leafblade is a wicked weapon and hits for a ton of damage. This is great, considering all of the weapon timers have reset by the time each of my combat arts is over, making it hit harder when it counts.

The next level is going to be rough unless I get into a few XP heavy raids like we had with the Frogs (which I finally went back and spoke to the chief to get the Marr’s Chosen quest in case we happen to kill Venekor sometime soon).