Yesterday I was determined to get my shard into the Splitpaw Den so I didn’t have to do the upper tunnels again to return to the hub of Splitpaw activity. I had already completed the Trial of Harclave and the creeper extermination quest, so I only had one left to do. Having tried a couple of times to finish the bombing run (and just plain ran out of time or patience, or got two mobs instead of one and had to evac), I decided to give the solo arena another go.

Mind you, I’ve lost in here a few times so I was a bit nervous about the whole gig. I typically lost to the Champion, but one time I even lost to the named guy a couple of places before (P-something?). Anyway, instead of playing the usual drill, I start with the very first mob and did something I’ve never done at any length before in EQ2. I kited. Yes, I was officially a kitar/nukar. I dropped Sorrowful Dirge on the mob, followed by a Keen of Woe. Bam! That mob was in some serious slow motion. And than ran around backwards in a circle rotating between Lanet’s, Jael’s, Luda’s, Cry of the Dead and the occassional in-range Tarven’s/Bereavement quick combo. I also had ranged attack on the whole time, plugging arrows for 250-ish a hit.

And I won. I killed every gladiator in the arena and ding, got my glowing shard the instant the champion dropped. So the post was right, you need three of five events, the solo arena being one of them. I also got the mushroom pet (now I just need the matching mushroom shirt, jacket, belt, pants and hat), and some Arena Champion wrist item. I’m sure I’ll save the gear as I’m trying to get a good cross section of resists for various raids.

I also went back to Feerrott and completed some quests. I finished the Vision of Fear (Trembling Lagoon) and various other kill quests including terror wraiths, constructs of thule, and other mobs that were by CT that I had previously overlooked as they were too hard to solo and never any groups killing them as the spawns are too far spaced out. I also went into CT to try and get those remaining idols and found one, but I still need to find an Idol of Dread to complete the set of four for the quest from the guy in Zek at the docks.

It seems my leveling rate is pretty solid to put me into 50 within a couple of weeks! I’ve been consistent about getting a level each week (or less) compared to almost double that before joining Mob Squad. The new guild structure and willingness to help each other has really made me want to improve my character to be a greater help to the entire guild.

Aimelia Level History