Okay, when on a raid and things are not going perfect, you don’t have time to get a rez. So you revive in the zone and come back and fight.

Important note, revive in the zone, not out in the Commonlands unless you want to watch the fight from the sidelines.

Aside from that, we won the instance and ended up with wood. Some of us then went to Splitpaw to run the heroic arena on very difficult (which was a walk in the park). I got an Adept I level 50 spell I needed (sweet!) and some other decent items dropped. The nice thing about adventure pack loot is it has stats/saves that break the regular location-based bonuses. For instance, a neck item with AGI and WIS dropped, compared to the usual STR/STA/INT of a neck item.

I then decided to revisit the Trial of Harclave since the quest didn’t update last time I was there. I chose the “difficult” option instead of the regular and found it no harder than before. Of course, I was careful to engage only a single group at a time (and most of the time I succeeded) to keep the risk minimal. I ended up 35% into 48, well on track to hit 49 by the end of the weekend.

I also got my harvesting skills all maxed out at 250. Gathering, Mining, Foresting and Trapping are now at their limit, making it easy to clear entire areas of nodes to get the good stuff to show up. Of course, that doesn’t help when somebody comes in behind you and cherry picks the rocks behind you. :( I did manage to harvest a Cedar which will be nice for a long bow upgrade.