Once again I joined the guild on a raid into the Froglok epic zone. We started early (8:45 pm CDT) and tried to work as quickly as possible. We only had a couple of bad pulls and got all the way to Venekor before players started having to leave and our raid force was no longer sufficient to handle the final challenge. The event was fun as usual, but the buggers would only cough up wood on a regular basis. We did get a few metal boxes, and ended up with a couple of fabled, several masters (3 necro, wtf) and several rare harvests including ebon and rubies.

I started with 10% vitality and ended up with about 30% xp for the night, keeping me on track with my leveling goals for the next ten days.

Over the next few days I need to get my access quests for the raid zones in LS and EF done so that I can go on some mini-raids to get some additional master drops and to learn the zones better.

My rare count so far: silver (3), blackened iron (4), severed bone (3), ruthenium (2), opal (1 dropped), ruby (1 harvested, 1 dropped), ebon (1), cedar (1) and various luminous/glimmering/sparkling items.