Well, it took longer than I thought, but I hit level 49 today. A lame new spell at this level, so it’s really just a minor level for me on the way to 50. I’m already almost 10% in since I was trying to finish another quest in Splitpaw.

Other than that, I’ve been grouping with the guild most of the time as we try to do a few new things while people are busy/away for the weekend. I’m sure we’ll get back to hard core raiding this week, but who knows what the plans are at this point. I still have a few heritage quests that I need to finish, along with some other general questing I’d like to get done as well.

Live Update 12 is looking to have some interesting new features. The most interesting is the world-wide group invites/guild invites and the updated raid window that actually shows when people are dead (useful for raid-rez-machines like me).

Signature Generator: I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to offer up the source code to my signature generator. I’ll try to wrap up a package in the next few days and make it available to the public. It’s all PHP using GD2 and is component-based so it should be easy to just plug into any web site to display player/guild information. It doesn’t have to just be used for graphics, there is a single function:

$player = getEQ2Player();

That will return a nested array (phpBB-style) of all the player information, level history, guild information, guild members, rank in the guild, all stats/death/level information, the whole works. Once I get it packaged up I’ll post it here.