There was a short supply of folks on last night, so a few of us got together and did Maiden’s Gulch (x2 version), after which we zoned out and did the single group version. We then evac’d and went to EF to do the Menagerie and Icespire Summit. After that, we gated to Splitpaw and did the heroic arena. All wood, nothing metal all night, but a few did get some usable spells and at least one rare harvest dropped.

We also got some of the new T6 harvest loot from a 51+ mob. Beryllium appears to be the soft metal for T6. It was only handcrafted and not legendary so it is the garden variety harvest. That would be sweet if SOE pulled a, well, SOE and had them dropping legendary rares by mistake.

It will be interesting to see what other expansion features make it into the game before the official launch. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I expect to see a lot more before the release.

In other news, I finished The Ties that Bind quest and am now able to reset my bind point within Freeport. Many have set theirs at the East Freeport bell, but I think I’ll leave him at the Beggar’s Court bell (the default is by the North Freeport gate, which is completely opposite the bell). Aside from East Freeport, I still use the sewers for quick access to any of the other FP areas.

I’ve also started the new world event quest line to see where that leads up. Many of the guild have already finished it up to the point of the new zone in Everfrost.

36% into 49 so far, by tonight I should also have at least 20% vitality so it’s easy to assume I’ll be halfway through 49 by the end of the night.