Last night was interesting to say the least. But it ended up being a lot of fun. After we spent a lot of time acting like a monkey trying to get freaky with a football, we went and grabbed some wood from Drayek. It seems like this encounter changes every few times we do it with new crazy things to make it surprising. We still took him down without too much trouble.

After this, we setup two groups to do Anvilpaw’s Grotto in Splitpaw. This was my first time in here, and it was fun and frustrating at the same time. The puzzles are a blast, but there are some serious timing bugs that can eat your lunch unless you get creative. After getting stuck in a room where the bones would not move, we figured out how to climb the walls and go over the bones. Once we did that, we were on a mission to do it to every single one of them. And we did – you can literally find your way around the bones on each of the left path puzzles. Sure, we laughed when Stinky tried to get over it, but were glad he found the way for the rest of us by the time we were done.

We got into the final room and dealt with the rings of mobs coming our way. We then fought the final epic mob (with a few of us standing tall, if you know what I mean) and got a master chest with a bunch of no-trade fabled loot. We also completed the quest and got our luminous shards (buoyancy). Some of the fabled items seemed mediocre, but I’ll wait to pass judgement after a few more runs. Also, I believe we unlocked the next epic raid for the zone by completing this quest, so hopefully we’ll get to work on that soon.