Last night we did a few raids. After a quick run on Meeting of the Minds, we took another shot at the Antonica epic Shattered Stillness. This encounter got a major buff with group-wide stifles, stuns, all sorts of AE effects that just really make it hard to keep the main tank alive. We tweaked our strategy once again and gave it a shot, this time, we beat his boney ass down and got the master chest to prove it. The reward was a very nice neck item I think, tons of STA and AGI in addition to a good bit of resists. We actually did two passes, the first one we wiped because the mob got a hair to close to the healers and they all got stifled and the tank dropped like a rock.

On a side note, our warlock who got the devastation master did over 330-ish DPS on the raid, a purely insane amount of damage compared to the rest of the raid. This was measured using Combat Stats and was nuts, pure and simple. Oh, that included at least one death on his part due to aggro yanking. Warlock = FTW, no doubt about it.