We had a massive turnout last night for raiding, we never had less than 24 players for each raid and we kicked some serious ass. We started in PF and got two metal chests, including a dirge master spell: Melancholy Requiem (which has been seriously buffed on test/beta like most of our AoE spells). I was granted the spell, which I’m looking forward to using post-DoF. We got some other good items as well, a nice loot run in Icebound for a change.

Next up, we did Meeting of the Minds in Feerrott. It doesn’t seem so long ago that this raid just destroyed us but now it’s easy, and we went away quick (10m) with a wood chest for our troubles.

After this, we went to Zek to attempt the Deserted Mine again. We’ve previously failed to take down at least one of the waves in the 2-minute time period, so we went with massive DPS this time and cleared all three waves! Everyone was pumped and we went to fight the Tremblar the Behemoth, now that he was beatable by making all the waves on time. Right when we engaged, the puller got whacked with the AE to find himself naked from equipment degradation (it’s actually bugged until you zone, but each wave does damage to your gear, making this one expension raid). But we got a nice metal chest with some amazing fist item of the combine or something (like +21 str +20 agi, proc, just awesome). In fact, I think we got two fabled items on this one raid. Sweet. We also got an incredible caster head item with over +20 int, +20 wis on it.

We then managed to keep our raid force up and went to CL to take down Zalak. We had a nice supply of the right classes and finished off the king with minimal deaths. Our new strategy works great and when we have the right classes, things go smooth as silk. We even got a metal chest for our efforts, which is rare lately for the king (“it’s good the beat the king”).

But we weren’t done yet, we went to Antonica to give that zone a shot. We were low on enchanters, so the Lich was a tough call, but we tried anyway. On the way in, Shak/Mak gave us another metal chest with some nice gear. We didn’t finish the Lich, but after a solid night of raiding and awesome loot drops, nobody was complaining.

Drop count for the night: PF (2 metal), Zek (1 metal, 2 fabled), CL (1 metal), Antonica (1 metal)

This is probably the most productive raid night we’ve had in a while, thanks to all who logged in and stayed on, it was a blast.

After the raiding was done, a small group of us went to Maiden’s Gulch to get the new members started on To Speak as a Dragon so we can have a large group for the next round of prismatics.