I have been harvesting a ton to get rubies for spell upgrades. I actually have three now, which is sweet, but I was surprised I had not gotten a single ebon cluster. Well, I got one the other night. And then I got another one the next morning! So now I have two, but I already have my ebon weapons. So I’m trying to sell them so I can get more rubies. I found a Master I of Wail of the Banshee that I’d like to try and get, but I’m a bit short on the funds at the moment. If I could sell those ebon, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Also, in the WTF department, we did Anvilpaw’s Grotto last night and Anvilpaw never spawned. We just ran out of mobs in the ring event and no boss ever showed up. We tried everything but it’s like one ring of mobs got stuck in a wall and never came out. Which of course spoiled the whole raid. Hopefully it’s only an 8 hour lockout since we didn’t kill the boss, we’ll see tonight I guess.

What really sucked is we had a few non-guild members with us and they were likely disappointed as well.