It seems Sony has dropped the NDA on Desert of Flames, bringing a ton of new information into the public eye about the upcoming expansion to EverQuest II. Some of the best news I’ve found so far includes:

Conjurers: Call of the Hero (woo-hoo!) Troubadors: Group run speed buff with invisibility and see-invisibility, spell reflection proc Dirges: Group-wide 100% proc of interrupt plus damage, stoneskin type buff and a stealth (bleh) attack that has an escalating amount of damage every 3 seconds until it expires after 15 seconds. Rangers: Sniper Shot (range 50, massive damage (over 2k), stream of arrows fires a shot every 1.5 seconds until cancelled (or ranger dies from grabbing aggro) Assassins: Finishing Blow (does triple damage to targets below 20% health)

A lot of these spells are level 50, so I think they will use rubies to upgrade so start saving up on them.

More can be found here: Everquest 2 Labs New Spell Screenshots

Regarding the zones, there are a ton of screenshots on various sites and forums. I’d rather not see the sites up front.

There is also a quest series to get a 30% speed increase flying carpet (player mount). I would guess there are also camels that can be purchased. Also, the point-to-point fly zones are carpets instead of griffons.

I’m looking forward to the expansion, can’t wait to get the digital download on launch day (forget that stupid no status reduction monkey).