Got Zerg?

We took on this guy last night and actually beat him, but it was interesting. This guy has a hefty AE that affects 75% of the area around him, along with a nasty habit of wiping his hate list every 30 seconds or so. This typically means whoever lands the first hit after his hate resets dies. There is also a special trick you have to cycle regularly to help avoid the AE. A solid plan and a good strategy and he can be beaten.

Of course, all that planning flew out the window a minute into the fight. But we won damn it!

And we got seriously sweet loot. An incredible belt that we got the guild leader to accept (he never takes anything). We also got a Yew Glaze which Koss made into an incredible bow and a rubicite powder that Celcius made into a very high dmg stilleto (29.5-ish, fabled) that was given to me (total shock!). I’ll post a link of it later, as well as the bow.

Teamspeak got hilarious as we watched K’Dal’s health drop, and we had a ton of folks up on TS which is nice to see more getting on as it really helps during raids.