Since patrons are changing once DoF goes live, a few of us have taken up some new patron spots to help get the guild to 30 before launch. It will be a tough run, but we’re almost 29 now. Hopefully we can cruise through a ton of writs (heck, we got almost 30% last night) and reach our goal. I’ve got three heritage items I can finish that will certainly help a little, those make a nice boost (4000 status to guild versus 200 per writ).

Also, it seems all bards after the expansion will have upgrades to pathfinding that give run speed increases. So the troubadors finally get their run song as well. But you have to wait for 41 to get the 34% increase, which is still not the same as the 40% we got from stacking JMA/Pathfinding before. Mind you, they made it so that we are not just a hair short of the fastest horse – for likely obvious reasons. We also no longer stack with SoW. :(