Last night was the marathon night of raids. Kossos had a list of raids at the start of the night and we managed to “git er done!” We started with the shard drakota in CoD (which I missed), and then tried to do CoD but we were three hours too early. So we took off to Feerrott to get the shard there, followed immediately by a trip into Meeting of the Minds. Once we had those cleaned up, we went to Everfrost to get the shard from MM. Once we had the three shards, we went to rez Vox. This time, we got the right one and we were all able to hail her to get the quest update.

After updating, we had to kill Drayek (upstairs from Vox) to finish the quest (18g, thanks). We followed that up with a run to Zek for Tremblar the Behemoth (wood). Then we gated to Splitpaw and ran over to CoD to finish that up (two raids, two groups each). Each raid got metal with some nice boots dropping for a change and another Idol of Chaos.

That was pretty much the night for raids. We had a couple of folks in the guild that needed to kill The Magnolamus (sp?) in Lavastorm for a heritage quest. We rolled out and took it down without too much hassle. After that, a bunch of us (escorted by Cataclysm’s invis and dirge speed) went to down talk to Nagefan to get the Deception quest.

The plan is to do Deception on Monday and Darathar on Wednesday so hopefully we’ll have some more prismatics in the guild by the end of next week!