In order to be at a good starting port for the expansion, the guild is currently working 100% on heritage items and writs to get our guild to level 30. We’re getting close, in the last two days we’ve put a ton of work into 30% of 29. And we’re going to keep working on it up until we ding 30.

To that effect, we got a group together last night to work on Saving Soles, the quest for the GEBs. We got it done and four of us got our boots, helping the guild gain more status. I got mine, and based on the details I doubt I’ll use them. But the heat resist alone on them is amazing so they’ll probably stick around in my bag for resist gear.

I started the Ghoulbane quest (since it’s one I never did) and am proceeding through those steps to try and wrap up another heritage item in the next few days. Of course, I’m thinking that doing 12-3 writs (at 4000 status each) will be much faster in the near term based on the amount of work required. I’m much closer on the Lost Legend of Lavastorm (Crown of King Tranix), so maybe we’ll get a group together to finish that out.