Well, I’ve gotten a good amount of time in the DoF expansion and at this point I’d have to say I’m pretty happy with the system as it stands right now. Solo encounters are solid with many battles that could go either way at the white and up range, even some high blue ^ solo mobs are tricky at times if things aren’t going well. But I’ve managed to take out level 52 solo mobs and plenty of 48^ mobs. In fact, I’m finding that a bunch of the grouped solo mobs are offering some great XP. Loot is mixed, mostly junk but the repeatable faction quest rewards are good (3g+) and some of them get nice 30s each body drops or pure cash on some. Not bad, but still only indifferent to the Court of Blades.

I’ve also been harvesting a ton, for which I’ve gotten two rare roots and a Cobalt Cluster. All the other stuff goes into the guild bank to help our crafters level. In fact, our guild has the first level 60 alchemist and first level 60 weaponsmith. Our tailor is getting close, if he can only manage to stay awake. Congratulations to them both, their dedication (and frequent words of encouragement on Teamspeak) is to be commended.

I’m 74% into 50, hopefully I’ll get 51 by the weekend but vitality is almost gone. It’s going to be a rough climb after that, so I’m enjoying the nice pace for the moment. Gear is starting to show up and once the recipes get fixed (we miss you Frizznik) I’m hoping to get a nice cobalt leafblade for some serious DPS action.

The expansion so far? One thumb up (great content!) and one thumb down (crazy amount of minor/annoying bugs).