Well, Sony rolled out LU14 this week. So far, they added imbued items and some other fixes. And, of course, they broke some other stuff. I can’t believe that T6 hex dolls only offer an additional +1 to the respective stat. That’s nuts. T5 are +12 and T6 are +13. How lame. At least the imbued cobalt weapons are worthwhile.

For some reason, since LU14, I’m getting stunned/stiffled a whole lot more than with LU13. I’m having trouble with mobs I could take care of before since I’m at half health before I’m able to do any damage because I’m stunned or stiffled the first half of the fight. It seems odd that this would happen, I’d hate to be a caster that can’t take any damage. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, avoidance is useless when you’re stunned, you always get hit.

I’m really disappointed with the changes since LU13. Sure, there are some nice things and I can solo fine, but as a guild we’ve done very little since the raid targets are impossible and the ones we can kill drop junk. We even killed Meathooks (53x3 in SS) and got junk. At this point, most in the guild are still wearing their T5 fabled since it’s better. The only exception is tanks that are using cobalt for the extra mitigation.

Come on Sony, pull your head out and get to work on making the game more enjoyable for groups.