I’m 25% into 53 so far, things seem to not be that bad. Of course, the first couple weeks I think I harvested more than I played for XP, so that slowed me down. And then I didn’t play for a week due to illness, so I’m trying to gear up to get a few levels under my belt. The first member of the guild to hit 60 was Zyxlin, one of our guardians. So Sunday night when we return to raiding we can hope that he’ll stay alive. Our primary supporting cast should be strong enough to keep him alive (we hope). Raiding in DOF if still a huge question mark, particularly with old world targets.

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I think the time gap from 50-51 is funny. I can’t imagine those that were 50 in March (or earlier) who had to just wait around for the expansion. That’s why I’m in no hurry to grind to 60 for that reason alone.