A haunted house and lots of trick-or-treats filled West Freeport with the latest patch. A fun little puzzle quest in a haunted house was enough XP to push me up to 54 last night. I also got three masks for the trick-or-treat quest.

We tried to do the fourth part of the carpet quest last night, but the right group is everything. How we were the first folks on the server to complete the carpet at much lower levels I have no idea, but the right group is everything. I’m sure we’ll try again soon.

I started the Becoming a Resident of Ro quest last night so I can get the Call of Ro spell for a quick return to Maj’Dul. So far the expansion has been pretty sweet. Some of the guild have been doing Poet’s Palace regularly and are finding more and more epic zones with some very nice loot. Cobalt armor got a nice boost as well with the last patch, such that it finally becomes a viable option for gear. Too bad it seems that the drop rate on rares got a slight nerf at the same time.

The jackpot on our lotto was over 200 platinum last night, but the patch took it down to only 10p. That’s crap, Sony said they fixed it and it certainly doesn’t show that anybody won it, so I guess they still have problems. Why waste time on mini-games like that if you aren’t going to make them work. Isn’t there enough other stuff to fix?

For my 54 training option, I took Luda’s Heinous Cry, which hits for 950-1050 pretty regularly. I’m happy with the choice since I use that spell all the time, twice as often as Lanet’s. The other choices just didn’t seem useful. I’ve got a pearl on tap for the level 55 manasong, which takes me up to 32 power per tick at Adept III. So good times all around there as I roll into my T6 spells and abilities I feel a bit more powerful against the same mobs. Something to get used to since weapons and spells no longer scale with level.

EQ2Players hasn’t updated yet, so I’m not sure how many dirges before me hit 54. I’m sure it will be posted soon, however. Hopefully I can get at least 30-40% into 54 before the weekend is out so I can get up to 55 by next weekend.