As a guild, we decided to raid old world content last night, the Froglok instance in particular. We had a full raid group, level 60 guardian/templar, along with a mostly 55+ raid force. Things that we noticed had changed since our last adventure:

  • The Watcher has a raid-wide AE stifle now, cold-based

  • Wizards need to seriously wait to cast the hard core nukes unless they like high repair bills

  • Wardens are not rangers.

We didn’t even try Venekor as it was unlikely we could have defeated it without disabling the idol, and we didn’t even get the watcher. One positive note, quite a few master chests dropped, and 47+ master spells are not replaced even at level 60. So several folks got some nice spell upgrades.

Once the raids were over, I was feeled tired of living in the Ghetto. Since I completed the Becoming a Citizen of Ro quest on Saturday (resulting in a new spell, Call of Ro, which gates to Maj’Dul), I decided to pick up my things and move into a new house in the big city. So I turned in a couple of stacks of truth tokens (from the tears grifter quests) to get my faction to ally and bought an affluent residency license. Since I liked what I saw in Arigo’s house, I bought a large Maj’Dul residence on the Outcast’s Ledge. It’s close to the Court of Blades and near the Tears Grifter quest house for a quick quests before logging off and right after logging into the game.

With a new house, I definitely need some new furniture. Going from a single room apartment to a large three room house is a serious upgrade in usable space. Maybe I’ll post a picture when I’m more setup.