I hit 56 last night while enjoying my first trip to Poet’s Palace. An interesting zone with a high-end feel (most of the mobs are 60+, including some 65’s at the end). Pretty hard stuff, you really gotta be careful. I also started working on the access quest. I still need to complete the Shimmering Citadel access quest, I’ve only got a couple of parts left.

What surprises me is that this ding comes only 3 days after my last one. I’ve been working a pretty smooth XP grind lately in my quest to reach the top. It’s hilarious, there are so few high level dirges on the server, I’m the 9th one to ding 56 (and was for 55 as well). It’s no wonder high level dirge spells don’t sell on the market – nobody needs them. Of course, that makes it easy picking for me. I’m sitting on two pearls trying to decide what makes the most sense as far as spell upgrades are concerned. I was going to upgrade Bria’s, but 4 mana/tick doesn’t seem like a huge upgrade. Of course, I’ll probably cave in the end and get it done, but I’m likely to upgrade my combat arts first since they seem to take a huge jump between Adept I and Adept III (and, of course, Master I/II is a huge upgrade).