The guild had some fun this past weekend, we went after a number of the old world epics. For the record, there is still no plausible way that an all level 50 raid force can take these down. We had enough trouble with a mostly 55+ raid force. While a great number of the obstacles in taking these epics down have been fixed (such as Wrath of Fury), they are still very difficult to kill.

The guild took down MotM. We then tried to get Vox, but crashed the zone. Rather than try again, we went to the Kra’Thuk and gave that a shot – still very difficult, we failed. So for a happy end to the evening, we did Venekor and got metal with some very nice loot. This was our first guild kill on the contested Venekor (he used to be killed within minutes of popping before LU13).

A certain guild member also learned an important lesson about Spell Shield. The actual result of reflecting Venekor’s AE is an exercise for the reader, but I’ll give you a hint. It is very, very bad!