Well, with somewhat less fanfare than my reaching level 50, I got to level 60 last night. Woot! No more XP groups! In a group doing Poet’s last night, we had three people ding. Puggz and I both got 60, I think Mishra got something like 57. There were a few other dings in the guild last night too, including the guild itself that got 33. It seems that taking down epics is the quickest way to level the guild, even though every little bit helps. But having 24 people in a raid take down Vox and get something like 12,000 status each sure helped.

We also did some old world raids last night and took down the contested version of Vox, Arch Lich, and a few others. We also did some deception drakotas to see how their loot table is working. Seems that we got some serious crap (think: COD) this time.

Tonight I’ll be taking it easy since the last two nights have been rough. But I’m looking forward to some more instance runs to build our guild T6 fabled lineup so we can take on the heavier hitters in the game soon.