Okay, back to business. Last night, Mob Squad rolled into Spirits of the Lost with the goal of finishing the quest, Marr’s Chosen. After a few different strategies, we got things rolling and took down both Venekor and the stone golem guy (can’t recall name, Varanak the Everlasting?). Masters chests throughout the raid were plentiful (I think 15-16 total), including some useful Master I spells (47+). We got three T5 fabled breastplates, all of which went to applicants since most of the guild already has something T6 that is better. Well, at least for chain anyway which is all that ever seems to drop in SotL.

By going back and talking to the frog chief, we were given the title, “Hero of Kugup.” I’m not sure, but I think only one other guild on the server has finished the quest (Fortitude). Regardless, we’ve managed to wrap it up.

Next week, I think we’re going to focus solely on T6 raids, like Court of Alefaz (sp?), Gates and the epic version of Poet’s Palace.

Oh, and I managed to snag Noxious Concerto Master I, my level 48 PR/DR buff, +883 to each.