Well, due to things beyond my control, like my daughter being sick, my wife having the flu and me getting sick in the end, I haven’t had much energy to play this past week. I did, however, get on Thursday night and score a Bandle of Melodic Speed from the Court of Al’Afaz. Pretty sweet item, in fact, it’s damn uber IMHO. We did some runs on contested mobs the night before, but didn’t have a whole lot of luck in general. It was an off-night for us and we didn’t have a full force to really pull it off. It’s funny how certain encounters are all about the right classes in the right groups and nothing else works.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to play this week. Oh, I also got all my debuffs to Adept 3 now and they land almost every time now on 65x4’s, whereas before they would only land after 5-10 tries. So the grade of the spell certainly makes a difference in landing it on epic encounters.